Why is SafetyPin so different?

There are a lot of options out there for tracking safety, some are actually good. We’re not supposed to compliment our competition but if you’re looking you’ll find them, and to be honest our point of difference is our design philosophy. Safety communication should be quick and easy. Safety systems don’t need fancy maps and extra fields, they need to enact a basic process with minimal effort.

My business partner James has been the biggest influence in the app design. A pragmatist, James has challenged a lot of the assumptions I have learnt through my time in safety & had never backed down to conventional knowledge. Our team culture (along with Phan and Paul) has meant that I have had to explain myself and every field & function has been laboroustly thought through to keep it meaningful – but above all to keep it simple.

Our philosophy is that reporting a hazard should take no more than 60 seconds. SafetyPin takes the best parts of modern communication – posts on facebook, messaging apps & pictures and represents it in a safety reporting app. The beauty of this philosophy is that it doesn’t need to be learnt – anyone can pickup SafetyPin and just get it done.

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