Why is SafetyPin so different?

I know we’re not supposed to compliment our competition, but there are some pretty comprehensive safety systems out there.  So why didn't we just copy what they've done?

The reason that SafetyPin is unlike any other standard safety system is because we're not a safety "system".  We're just a tool to solve a problem in safety that needs to be solved - the lack of communication.

Risk assessments and JSAs are useful, but they're not about (good) safety communication.  Good safety communication actually occurs naturally and effortlessly all the time.  Like all parents, I've saved my girls from grievous bodily harm on various occasions with a timely "watch out".

My business partner James has been the biggest influence in the app design.  A pragmatist, James has challenged a lot of the assumptions I have learnt through my time in safety & had never backed down to conventional knowledge.  So instead of my original idea of building a simple safety system (which may be an oxymoron), we've built a safety communication tool that's simple and intuitive.

Try it for yourself, see what it's like to warn your team about something dangerous through our Structured Safety Conversations™ - it will only take 60 seconds.

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