Why is SafetyPin so different?

We’re not supposed to compliment our competition, but there are many software providers offer a comprehensive safety management system.  To be honest, they all have a bigger list of functions and customization options.  So why did we build such a lightweight app, and more importantly…why should you use it?

Having worked in safety for most of my adult life, I thought we could make a simpler, quicker and easier safety system.  I ran this (awesome) idea by my business partner James, and he was completely and utterly… unenthusiastic.  James is an app maker, a pragmatist, and a good friend.  But he is not a fan of safety.  He challenged every assumption I have learnt through my time in safety.  It was infuriating at times, with conversations like:

Me:  This is a much simpler redesign of the standard risk assessment.

James:  Why do we need a risk assessment at all?

Me:  It’s just standard, safety systems need risk assessments!

James:  So filling our a risk assessment makes people safer?

Instead of taking bits away from a conventional safety system to make it “simpler”, our team went back to a blank canvas and looked at what’s the simplest thing people can do to prevent others from getting hurt.  The answer we came up with is communication.  When people see something dangerous, we naturally tell others to “watch out”, then we talk about how to fix the problem.  SafetyPin enhances this protective instinct with technology, to make our communication more effective and efficient.  This is not a smaller or simpler version of the standard safety system, it’s a completely different philosophy.

So SafetyPin is different because we have a different DNA.  Our purpose is not to help you “manage” safety, we’re simply here to make it quicker and easier to warn your team about dangerous situations, and to fix them before people get hurt.  This will not only make your work safer, but also improve your compliance.  We look forward to having you with us on this journey.

— Pascal

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