When Your Mouth is Not Enough

Talking is Good

New Zealand government has a new workplace safety campaign called “Use Your Mouth“.  At SafetyPin, we’re very supportive of this because we’re all about communication, it’s at the heart of what we do.  WorkSafe NZ has produced a number of videos about when people should speak up, like this one about slips, trips and falls.

Talking is just one form of communication of course.  We can, and often need to, use other ways to communicate workplace safety issues.  For example, you wouldn’t want to hire someone just to stand around and tell people about hazards, which is why you see hazard boards like this outside almost all construction sites.

When Your Mouth is Not Enough

What if you had a situation that requires communication that can be shown to all the relevant people (like a sign), it’s two-way (like talking), but also enduring (like a report).  These situations happen all the time, and we often use emails or messaging apps to deal with them – or just ignore them and hope they will go away.

For example, just before you leave your site for the day, you spotted some TPS cables poking out.  You vaguely remember someone saying something about it, but the sparky is not picking up his phone and others have all gone home.  You feel the team should know about this just in case, but you’re not keen on filling out a long hazard report that may or may not be necessary.  So you make a mental note to bring this up tomorrow at the toolbox meeting.

This would work well unless you’re like me – someone who can’t even remember his own phone number.  Anyway, what was I saying…?

Put Your Thumb on SafetyPin

Oh yes, so if the situation above sounds familiar to you, download SafetyPin.  We developed our app so people can use simple Structured Safety Conversations™ to make their workplace safer.  When your mouth is not enough, use your thumb (hey, I know what you’re thinking, keep the comments clean, please).

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