After logging your very first hazard when you first launched SafetyPin, it's super important that you bring the rest of your team along for the ride.

This is so they get notified of the hazard you've just captured and know exactly what to keep an eye out for!

To create a team...

1. Open up the hamburger

Tap on the 'hamburger' icon on the top left hand side of the screen and go to 'Set Up Team'.

2. Create a SafetyPin account

Enter your email address, username (e.g. john_doe) and click on the 'Sign In/Sign Up' button.

3. Verify your email address

You should receive an email from SafetyPin to confirm your email address.

Open the email, follow its instruction and then go back to SafetyPin.

If you didn't receive the confirmation email, we suggest you:

  • Wait for 2-3 minutes for it to come through
  • Check your spam/junk folder just in case it ended up there for some strange reason

If you still didn't receive the confirmation email, then close down and restart SafetyPin:

  • For iPhone, double tap on the physical 'Home' button and swipe right
  • For Android, tap on the 'Overview' button (the button that shows all the apps you're currently running) and swipe right.

Still no luck? Then it's probably better you reinstall SafetyPin and ensure you didn't mistype the email address.

4. Go back to SafetyPin

After you've confirm/activated your email, tap anywhere on the screen to go back the Dashboard.

5. Start inviting people to your team (last step!)

Once you're at the Dashboard, tap on the 'Hamburger' menu again and 'Team', which has been changed from 'Set Up Team'.

Give your team a name (e.g. your oganisation name), tap on the 'Invite New Member' button and enter their email address (as many as you need).

All the team members you've invited to join your team should receive an email from SafetyPin.

The email will contain an instruction as to how they can download, and join your team on SafetyPin.

If they get stuck, feel free to point them to the following link:

Also, you can use the above screen to:

  1. Remove somebody from your team
  2. Give them a different level of access (Member --> Officer --> Admin)