Whenever a new hazard is identified and submitted, it is a waste of time unless everyone looks at it and something is done about it.

Ideally, whenever you submit a hazard or is notified of one that's submitted by somebody else, you might want to have a look at it and make a suggestion to try and prevent the hazard from causing accidents.

We're going to show you how to do just that...

1. Open up the hazard

There are two ways you can bring up the details of a hazard:

  • Through the Notifications (for newly submitted hazards)
  • Through the Hazard Register (for existing hazards)

Once you bring up the details of the hazard you're looking for, tap on 'Action Required'.

2. Make recommendations

Make a recommendation by nominating somebody in your team who might be able to help (1), when by (2), what action they can possibly take (3) and hit Send (4).

This person will then be notified of your recommendation. A productive safety conversation between you and the nominee can be had from this point on.

You can make as many recommendations as you want, which will result in multiple actions being assigned against the hazard.

It's not about passing the buck, but it's about working together to remove obstacles that prevents you and your team from being able to work safely.

3. Ticking the box when you've been nominated

Being able to nominate somebody to help you organise a fix for the hazard means that it is also possible for somebody else to do the same.

If you have been assigned an action to take against the hazard and you have completed it, then you can use SafetyPin to 'tick the box' and make note of what you've done for auditing purposes.

To do this, simply re-open the hazard you've taken the action (refer to the first section) for and tap on the spanner.

Tap 'Yes' to confirm that you've completed the action.

You can take a new photo with your phone camera or upload an existing ones to show how you've dealt with the action.

Once the above step is complete, the action will be 'ticked' and the photo you have uploaded against the action will also be displayed.

4. Action complete

Your action is now complete, but you might want to go through all the existing hazards with no action against them and provide your input.

Go on. Your team will thank you for it.