Paperwork can't save you from prosecution.
The best way to stay out of trouble is to stay safe.

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"We care about safety, but we hate useless paperwork. 

SafetyPin is great for us because it's actually useful.  The team can use it to tell us about all the things that need fixing, so we can make our deliveries efficiently and safely."

-- Phil Goddard

"SafetyPin helps me take care of health and safety issues quick and easy.  My team can tell me about the hazards they've seen, and we go and fix them.

It's amazing how easy it is to be more compliant without all the BS."

-- Graeme Wallace, General Manager

"SafetyPin made communicating hazards simple and fun for our remote team of cleaners. The instant alerts ensure everyone is aware of the hazards at a worksite and keep track of how they are managed.  SafetyPin simplifies safety for the people that matter the most"

-- COO, Queensland Facility Services

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